Wild Ponies: The Movie

Wild Ponies is a collectively imagined movie based very loosely on our own stories, developed slowly over many movie dinners, film shoots, and editing sessions since January 2014.

* * * Starring * * *

KeiAyra Campbell Smith as Rocky

Connor Donahue as Quentin

Ariel Speedwagon as Jean Kelly

Sabina Ibarrola as Serena

and the one & only Mizz June as the Lady Cocoa Godiva

Written By

Devon Gallegos & the Wild Ponies

Based on a story by Quito Ziegler

Set Beautification

Emmersun Lunarbow

Production Management

Molly Caldwell, Carlo Maria

Camera Queens

Angel Favorite

Clay AD

Dominika Ksel

Katrina del Mar

Kjerstin Rossi

Marcellite Failla

Maureen Catbagan

Sound Spirits

Maureen Catbagan

Magnus Rosengarten

Cassie Wagler


Mars Marson

Angel Favorite

Clay AD

Dominika Ksel

Jacqueline Mary

Kjerstin Rossi

Maureen Catbagan


Quito Ziegler