An incomplete and non-hierarchical list of WRRQ Collective members:

Sylver Gold

At a young age they were given to the beautiful world of independence. Through drag, singing, and art; she enjoys connecting communities. Working with organizations such as SAGE and Global Action Project, he enjoys using different mediums to address the different issues that harm our communities. Sylver is an HIV prevention associate with APICHA who enjoys giving back to the community with the satisfaction of creating some form of difference. Sylver believes that in life you have a choice to either avoid dealing with problems or turn into something so much more powerful. When in doubt just be sure!

Darnell Davis

A visual and video artist and with an eye for contrast and chiaroscuro. They love life, walking dogs, illustration and making feel people comfortable and relaxed. Darnell is an introverted expressionist -- quiet but easy to talk to, more of a do-er than a talker, with excellent organizational skills and a generous spirit. A two-time Arts in the Woods veteran and part of the 2015 leadership team, Darnell says “If I were rich I would be a philanthropist but since I’m poor I try to make it wrrq and give back however I can.”

Frank Susa

A leader of strategic communications & organizational development in the nonprofit sector. With more than 25 years of professional experience, he has supported the missions of local, national, and international nongovernmental organizations, and has assisted in the development of interactive strategies for fundraising, education, advocacy, and outreach initiatives of numerous kinds. Frank has held positions at MIX NYC, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, the Academy for Educational Development, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Carlo Maria Ampil

A supporter of artists, Carlo has collaborated frequently with the WRRQ group of artists (and the much-larger network of queer and avant garde artists here in New York) and cultural producers in a range of projects, most significantly the movie "Wild Ponies Dancing" (title under review), with a myriad of roles that span the gamut from assisting in the accounting of finances, to plotting artist visits from guests coming from all over the world, to strategic planning of human resources for projects. Carlo Maria is an immigrant from the Philippines who moved to New York by accident in the mid-2000s, and is searching for many different types of ways to foster community-building and service in different environments in New York, if not under his leadership, then through his support. He undertakes ongoing learning opportunities in his line of work as an education organizer, as aspiring academic, and a seeker of truths.

Karl Cooney

is a social-worker-in-training, videographer, tour manager, and arts administrator based in Brooklyn, New York.

Elizabeth Marie Rivera

Very much a proud Puerto Rican Transgender Woman, she has been an advocate/activist primarily for the Transgender community for 20+ years. As a member of the House of Ninja she is known within the NYC Ballroom community as Ms. Elizabeth Ninja. She is the creator of the #StopTheShade Campaign. A Spoken Word Poet and Recording Artist/Entertainer who recently released her 2 new singles "Can't Silence Me" & "Read My Lips" both of which can be found on She was also featured twice in the PBS Lesbian and Gay television news magazine “In The Life”, along with her sister Stefanie Rivera. Elizabeth has worked at GMHC/House of Latex Project, Audre Lorde Project/TransJustice, Cambridge Cares About AIDS/AIDS Action, Make The Road NY, The Door and Harlem United.

Jack Waters

The director of Allied Productions, WRRQ’s fiscal sponsor as well as Le Petit Versailles, where we have hosted garden parties and film shoots. He is a visual artist, film maker, writer, media artist, choreographer and performer. He stars in the docudrama “Jason and Shirley,” directed by Stephen Winter in 2015 and the film was shown at MoMA, BAM, and REDCAT, and others. His visual art was represented in 2014 in the Visual AIDS exhibition "Ephemera As Evidence" at La Mama Galleria, and in 2013 at "NOT OVER: 25 Years of Visual AIDS" also at La Galleria, and in "Not only this, but 'New language beckons us'" at Fales Library and Special Collections, NYU. He exhibited in the 2008 three person show "Triple Threat" at Frise, the gallery in Hamburg Germany. His film "Berlin New York" was shown on the November 2002 Sundance Channel's "Underground Shorts: Politics" program. His video short "The Male Gayze" was shown at the Whitney Museum Of American Art’s February 1995 exhibition "The Black Male". Water's film works are the subject of preservation by Visual AIDS’ Estate Project for Artists With AIDS. Waters is the creator of the interactive digital artwork "Superschmoozio© The Game Of the International Art Market", a project fostered by Franklin Furnace's Future of The Present residency at the New School for Social Research. Waters is a 1979 graduate of the Dance Division of the Juilliard School.

Kristen Parker Lovell

For nearly a decade, Kristen Parker Lovell has worked vigorously to carry on Sylvia Rivera's legacy to support transient young people. A survivor of the streets who was mentored by Sylvia herself, for over eight years Kristen has been a symbol of strength, and resilience in her work at Sylvia's Place/MCCNY Charities Inc., NYC's only emergency queer youth shelter. She is currently the Program Coordinator for HIV Testing and Counseling. A fierce advocate for trans women, Kristen founded an empowerment group, Trans in Action, which has produced two documentaries about trans representation in the media. Kristen has a passion for history and ensures that the young people of today know it as well. She is also a talented artist and performer who has helped organize Arts in the Woods for three summers now, was a co-director of this year's camp, and will be playing a lead role in the WRRQ film "Wild Ponies Dancing."


Kristen "Feathers" Wise

Her performances in Philadelphia, NYC, and Radical Faerie fire circles garnered a nomination for SF MOTHA’s 2013 Musician of the Year award, and a spot in World Cafe Live’s Philly Rising showcase. She was the producer and lead singer for the glam-rock band Radium Angels (2012-2013). Feathers also co-facilitates the music program at Easton Mountain’s Arts in the Woods event, and performs in Easton’s Out on the Deck concert series. Her music has been featured in rituals, video games, and independent films.

Clay AD

They helped organize the show Verging: A Benefit Show for the Audre Lorde Project (2015) at the Cooper Union. They are currently writing a screenplay about clones and the medical industrial system, recording their first album and renovating a school-bus in upstate New York. Catch them hanging out at the Brooklyn Public Library or singing karaoke.

Qing Xzavier

They are an innovator at the forefront of fashion, constantly pushing the envelope for what it means to BE fashion, and modern contemporary design with an emphasis on sustainable fashion and recycled materials. Qing just signed a contract with 89Till to produce avant garde streetwear for the Viginia company. They are a transfer design student from VA Commonwealth University, where they studied fashion design and photography. Qing was a youth leader at the Wrrqshop and designed two collections at the craft shack during Arts in the Woods 2014.

Quito Ziegler

Quito has co-conspired many WRRQ projects with many, many collaborators including the feature film “Wild Ponies Dancing” (our epic work in process), the WRRQ Studio, Arts in the Woods 2015, Family Dinners at Sylvia's Place, and the Wrrqshop. Quito has instigated more than two dozen collaborative art projects in NYC's queer communities since 2010, including Queer Planet, the Forest of the Future, and many moonlight beach parties. Over the past 20 years they have waffled wildly between theory and practice, producing cultural projects alongside stints at the Open Society Foundations, where they have served the Documentary Photography Project in various capacities since 2007. A trained community organizer, Quito has political roots in the Burmese democracy movement, the Minnesota Dream Act student movement, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, and the movement for trans visibility. Quito lives in Brooklyn with Carlo Maria and Chrissy, their silver cat Bubu, and a community van-beast called Tiara Phoenix Franken-Pony. They serve on the board of the Third Wave Fund.


Ethan Shoshan

Ethan is a visual artist, social justice activist, performer, filmmaker, clothing designer, and part of the WRRQ collective. In many of Ethan's performances, he uses out-of-date technology (super-8mm, vhs, older digital cameras) to highlight the frailty of capturing experience and allude to intimations of mortality. Inspired by celluloid as a tangible material between life and representation through light, he sees performance as a doorway to the unconscious. "When I close my eyes, I can imagine the darkness engulfing me, and begin to understand a place that erases my fears." Over the years with various projects, Ethan has connected with alternative venues and communities that engage and experience his work in ways that have both changed the participants/community and himself beyond the experience of the live performance. Ethan has worked with Visual AIDS, Democracy NOW!, MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Food Not Bombs, and Sylvia’s Place. He also co-ran "WERRRQSHOP," a free drop-in art workshop with Quito Ziegler at the Joan Mitchell Foundation, which started as a way to facilitate and create art projects with the transient LGBTQ youth he volunteered for at Sylvia’s Place emergency shelter. He has also helped facilitate and co-direct "Arts In The Woods," a summer arts camp started in 2013 for transient LGBTQ young adults from NYC/Boston shelters. Currently, a resident artist in Engaging Artists 2016, a project of More Art, volunteering with Picture the Homeless, a grassroots organization founded and led by homeless people organizing for social justice on issues of housing police violence, and the shelter-industrial complex. He has exhibited and performed on the streets and at the Kitchen, Aljira, Envoy Enterprises, Commonwealth & Council, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Judson Memorial Church, The Center for Book Arts, La Mama La Galleria, Dixon Place, Le Petit Versailles, and other venues. Previous projects have been reviewed in The New York Times, Art In America, LA Weekly, Huffington Post, BlackBook, The Brooklyn Rail, Artforum, Washington Post, among numerous other publications. Also in his spare time, he designs clothes and works with the Haus of it/EQ. More at

Photo by Gail Thacker

Sue Jeong Ka

She is an interdisciplinary artist and also writes regularly for the Korean contemporary art magazine, Art in Culture. Currently, at homeless youth centers in NYC, Ka has been holding a project called ID Shop as a 2015 More Art research grant recipient in collaboration with lawyers, community organizers, and many queer youth participants. Ka’s art practice explores how public systems control human behaviors in urban settings and suggests alternatives to deconstruct these systems on an individual level. She examines how images, signs and textual information affect our behavior and psychology in public spaces. Ka’s projects have been shown in a number of venues such as La MaMa La Galleria, NURTUREart (New York), Fundación Alumnos 47 (Mexico City), and SNUMoA (Seoul) as well as others. She works and lives in New York.

Angel Favorite

Angel is a multi-media artist whose work and research is centered on the synthesis of art, health, science and intention in physical and non-physical dimensions. Finding ways of interpreting and visualizing energetic properties that can be utilized practically to create spaces of self-care, self-worth, and universal respect for life energy through ritual, practice, and a re-conceptualization of states of being and awareness.

Ky'iera Campbell

Ky’iera Campbell is the true definition of a “Diva.” Her passion is to break down Walls -- Barriers are never Impossible. She plays the lead role of Rocky in the WRRQ collective film "Wild Ponies Dancing." She is a performer, actor, and the former intern of Trans in Action, an empowerment group for trans women of color. Ky'iera has been a leader of Arts in the Woods since 2013

Devon Gallegos

A writer-in-hibernation who has spent the past ten years in arts-administrative roles for various queer organizations. He provides general support and production consultation for various WRRQ Collective projects, helps manage general operations for MIX NYC, and is the Program Manager for Le Petit Versailles, a community garden and art space project of Allied Productions, in Manhattan's Lower East Side. His fiction appears once a decade somewhere, and usually deals with the cognitive minutiae of desire transmitted online. Most recently, his comics collaboration with Bizzy Barefoot was exhibited at the Visual AIDS 25th Anniversary exhibition at La Mama Galleria, and footage of his crawling backwards across Canal St and eventually onto a microphone dildo was shown as part of Neil Goldberg's exhibition One Version of Events, at Participant Gallery. He might be a budding relational aesthetician, once he spends a few months reading up on the subject.

Bizzy Barefoot

A radical queer, transgender artist, activist, communitarian, and Faerie. Her 30 year artistic career has been evenly divided between performance and visual art. She has performed on hundreds of stages all around the United States, in Canada and Europe, and has served as Artistic Director for the Pittsburgh Queer Theater Festival, and for two successful theater companies in Pittsburgh and NYC, of which she was also a co-founder. In addition she's a longtime member of the critically acclaimed experimental performance group, The Nerve Tank in NYC. As visual artist and activist, she has spent 9 years working with MIX NYC, and for the last 6 of them, as an in-house venue designer. She's also co-designed and built installations and puppets for the likes of Green Peace, Gawker Magazine, Pace University, and The People's Climate March, and has been featured in Vice and I.D. Magazines as well as in the Visuals AIDS Anniversary exhibition at LaMama Galleria, as well as having her work projected in public spaces all over the country and the world in 2015 for Day Without Art. She has worked as stage/costume and media designer, window designer, and portrait artist. Most recently she served as Production/Costume Designer, Acting Coach and overall Mama bear for the critically lauded experimental feature film, Jason and Shirley which has been showing in theaters all over the country and beyond. Her present focus is the powerful confluence of art making and community building, manifesting in the making of elaborate and immersive, community built T.A.Z.s (Temporary Autonomous Zones) in which queer community can deeply explore itself outside the critical and often punitive eye of heterosexual culture and the law. She holds degrees in theatre and music.


Dominika Ksel

Dominika Ksel is an artist, activist, educator, psychonaut and investigator of invisible landscapes. I use space, time, sound and the body to examine the terrains, possibilities and dimensions of physical and non-physical realities. My works are an ecosystem that gently deconstruct power and materiality, while exploring the interstices of consciousness, myth, science and techno-feminism. These information networks and maps are presented as video installations, interactive sculptures, VR/AR and sonically charged performances. Through these objects and events I hope to provide a tangible glimpse of various invisible phenomena, and illuminate how these imperceptible structures influence the human condition and our larger quantum reality.

As a trained hypnotist, media researcher and archivist, I use primary research, tests, interviews and analysis to form playful and peculiar experiences, physical objects and psychoacoustic compositions.

Through the methodology of psychonautics, I describe and explore the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness through modes such as sensory deprivation, hypnosis, meditation, sound and breath entrainment. Thus creating access and mapping information often missed due to the technologically overactive and chaotic contemporary existence drowned out by the anthrophony.

Within the systems of visual and audio works, I subvert symbols of violence and disparity through a sci-fi lens and psycho-physical language, unpacking and searching for a way to heal and explore traumas caused by a capitalist framework that has encouraged white supremacy, patriarchy, dehumanization and ecocide.

Dominika also loves to surf and teach surfing when the waves are not too tempting.