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"From The Ashes, Rise" is a temporary gathering for collective healing organized by the WRRQ Collective in Brooklyn. From December's new moon to the full moon on December 22, WRRQ holds space for our community to build a burnable phoenix, wrrq shit out, practice interdependence, and make peace with each other. Equal parts teach-in, art build, heart space, and support web, "From The Ashes, Rise" helps us remember a future rooted in love.

Thursday, Dec 6 - Sunday, Dec 23


***Accessibility Note***

one flight of stairs down to the space, long-ish walk down the hall +5 stairs to the bathroom.

please contact us to strategize with you if this presents a challenge for you.

Collaborators include Bizzy Barefoot, Caribu, Ceyenne Doroshow/GLITS, Chad Taber, Darnell Davis, Devon Gallegos, Elizabeth Marie Rivera, Jack Waters, Karl Cooney, Kate Huh, Kristen Lovell/Trans Filmmakers Project, Manny Ramsey, Marcela Ossio, NYOBS, Peter Cramer, Roland Ramos, Quito Ziegler, Suburbia, Thom Barranca, Tilly deWolfe, the What Would the HIV Doula Do? collective, Victor, Wotko

In My Naked Truth by Elizabeth Marie Rivera
Partisan Angel -- new collage by Kate Huh
Portraits by Darnell Davis
Banners & relics from Arts in the Woods



WRRQ will build the Phoenix at a gathering for community healing from Dec 6-22 in Williamsburg.

All are welcome. RSVP for the address.

Thursday Dec 6, 10 pm.

New Moon // Opening Scene

New moon in Sagittarius arrives at 11:20 pm. All collaborators + friends welcome for a low-key opening. Acknowledge the land we are on and the complicated stories it holds including colonization and gentrification and our role as temporary guests. Discuss collective intentions for how the space will be used and start setting it up together.

Saturday Dec 8, 8pm.

Phoenix burn planning/play session + Portraits by Darnell Davis

Creative planning session for the Phoenix burn on Dec 22. Read poetry, make plans, hang out, etc. Darnell will make portraits of everyone there. Add elements to the Phoenix, be crafty, wrrq shit out. Bring paper & other *non-toxic* items you want to burn.  Dinner will be cooked by Wotko & brought over to the space btwn 7-8.

Sunday Dec 9, 12-4pm

Trans Filmmakers Project with Kristen P. Lovell

Interviews for Trans Year in Review

Tuesday, Dec 11, 6-10pm.


Conclusion of a 3-day creative residency in the space. Caribu will be using the space to work on a guerilla theater piece. Additional artists and improvisational workshops welcome.

Wednesday Dec 12 - 3-10pm.

"Self Care Wednesday"

Other self care helpers welcome -- please contact us if you’re down.


Yoga with Thom Barranca at 3pm.  Free.

CANCELED: 4-8pm.

Hair cuts with Chad Taber and weaves with Suburbia is canceled today! They will be in the space on 12/19!


Yoga with Thom Barranca.  Free.


Wish You Were Here: Holiday Card Writing Party

At this event we will write holiday cards to people incarcerated due to laws that criminalize people living with HIV who have told the SERO PROJECT that they would like to receive mail. Your hosts, WHAT WOULD AN HIV DOULA DO, will provide cards, envelopes, pens and instructions.

The What Would the HIV Doula Do? collective is a community of artists, activist, academics, chaplains, doulas, health care practitioners, nurses, filmmakers, AIDS Service Organization employees, dancers, community educators, and others from across the movement joined in response to the ongoing AIDS Crisis.

We understand a doula as someone in community who hold space for others during times of transition. For us, HIV is a series of transitions in someone’s life that does not start with being tested or getting a diagnosis, nor end with treatment or death. Foundational to our process is asking questions.


Book club with Quito Ziegler on "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk + general discussion of things we are learning about trauma + healing. “Essential reading for anyone interested in understanding and treating traumatic stress and the scope of its impact on society.”

Thursday Dec 13 - 8pm.

Naked Eye Cinema Queer Iconoclasts: Peter Cramer and Jack Waters

Naked Eye Cinema was instituted by Jack Waters and Leslie Lowe in 1985 as an extension of the film program at ABC No Rio. Peter and Jack ran No Rio from roughly 1983 - 1990 with the collective energy of the circle they rolled with infusing a new era of energy where cinema and performance propelled the foreshadowing of what is now known as "queer'. Cramer and Waters have been the guiding force behind Le Petit Versailles, the infamous Greenthumb community garden that bridges the experimental underground to the current generation of radical art-making.

NOCTURNES (1987,10 min.), Jack Waters & Leslie Lowe

BLACK & WHITE STUDY (1990, 6 min.), Peter Cramer

6 FEET (23 min.) Carl George

INTRODUCING MR. DIANA (27 min.), Peter Cramer & Jack Waters

THE FLOWER MARKET (1994,15 Min.), Peter Cramer & Jack Waters

SACRE COEUR (2001, 7:35 min.), Peter Cramer

NAKED BOYS CLEANING (world premiere! 6:37 min.)

Saturday Dec 15 - 4pm-midnight

Phoenix Art Build Day with Bizzy Barefoot

Add elements to the Phoenix, be crafty, wrrq shit out. No experience necessary / bring yr dazzle. Bring paper & other *non-toxic* items you want to burn.

Sunday Dec 16 - 2pm


"Fambol Tok" film screening

The people of Sierra Leone try to heal the wounds caused by their civil war by returning to an old tradition of bringing together victims and offenders for ceremonies of truth-telling and forgiveness. Profoundly relevant + moving 2011 documentary directed by Sara Terry, presented by Quito Ziegler.


Teach-in on Transformative Justice

What are you learning / what have you learned about transformative justice, restorative justice, abolition, truth & reconciliation?  Videos + readings welcome.


Collaging Positivity Into The Future with Darnell Davis

CANCELED: Monday Dec 17 - 10pm

The post-vigil repast will no longer be happening tonight in Williamsburg.

Please join us at Judson Church for Dec 17 - Int'l Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Vigil!

Tuesday Dec 18 - 3-7pm


Student Day

Art build open to high school, college, and graduate students.

Add elements to the Phoenix, be crafty, wrrq shit out. Bring paper & other *non-toxic* items you want to burn.



Transitions, Change, Emergent Strategy, and other ways of getting from here to there

Wednesday Dec 19 - 3-10pm.

"Self Care Wednesday"

Other self care helpers welcome -- please contact us if you’re down.


Yoga with Thom Barranca at 3pm.  Free.


Hair cuts with Chad Taber.  Weaves with Suburbia.

Sliding scale/community rates $5-$50. Walk-ins welcome!

Or dm Chad to schedule a cut in advance. Please arrive with clean dry hair.


Yoga with Thom Barranca.  Free.


Book club with Quito Ziegler on "All About Love" by bell hooks + general discussion of things we are learning about love.


Roland Ramos live acoustic music performance. Songs about love.

Thursday Dec 20, 4pm-7pm

Phoenix Art Build

Add elements to the Phoenix, be crafty, wrrq shit out. No experience necessary / bring yr dazzle. Bring paper & other *non-toxic* items you want to burn.

Thursday 7pm : Field trip to “Burning of Grievances” by Shadow Traffic Productions…. yes there is *another* burn event happening, let’s check theirs out & learn from their experiences!  

CANCELLED: Friday Dec 21, 4pm-midnight :: Phoenix Art Build (due to illness this build is cancelled)

Saturday Dec 22, 7pm - 9pm

Final Phoenix Art + Fire Build - at the site of the Phoenix Burn in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. RSVP to the party for the address. Bring non-toxic burnable items.

Saturday Dec 22


9pm - 2am

Bonfire & Spectacle

with WRRQ, NYOBS, Arts in the Woods, and other special guests

RSVP for location + details

Sunday Dec 23 - 5-9pm.

Potluck & Clothing Swap organized by Darnell, Marcela, Manny + Tilly

Dec 26-27 - 12-10pm.

Dismantling Period

Help close out the magic & return the space better than we found it.