Family Dinners


We build community over food.  Our culinary artists keep us fueled for the rest of the WRRQ.

Projects and Dinners:


Family dinners will begin Fall 2017, location to be determined.


Partnership with Kingsborough Community College Farm to provide food to Sylvia’s Place for nourishment and for healing, nutrition, resource sharing, community building, and visioning for the short and long term future. Sylvia’s Place clients/former clients and collective members will learn
to farm and be part of the food growing process. Partnership organized by Lucretia John.


WRRQ Wednesdays at Sylvia’s Place :: Weekly community-building dinner & organizing discussions at the emergency queer youth shelter where many of us met. This program recently transitioned to being 100% youth-led, organized by Danielle Rye and Teddy Santiago.


Movie Dinners happen sporadically (a dozen since January 2014) and have been a primary means for building community and moving the movie wrrq forward. Sites for storytelling, discussions about representation; breeeding ground for new ideas. Organized by Chris Roberts.


Family Dinners at Sylvia's Place :: Feed each other while also teaching cooking skills. Build community between current clients and queer mentors, artists, and former SP clients. Create a sense of interdependent, inter-generational queer community that broadens the sphere of individuals who feel connected to the issue of homeless youth, laying the groundwork for stronger support and stability for the young people. These dinners are now organized once a month by the shelter.